Summer 2012

Here we are in the midst of summer 2012.  I feel like I'm off to the Olympics as I dive headlong into a show at City Winery in NYC following a very quiet 2011.  Quiet on the music front that is- less quiet in my apt with a baby teaching me to truly appreciate the importance of sleep. 

The show at City Winery celebrates the 40th anniversary of Joni Mitchell's album Blue.  I will be participating in the show along with a fabulous cast of NY area female singer/songwriters. 

On its heels, I will participating in another group show in Metuchen, NJ with a focus on Simon and Garfunkle's influence on the world of folk music. 

Both of those show have me feeling rejuvenated and I look forward to being out in the music world this summer.

As always, thanks for listening,


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