“Southern Grace at a Northern Pace” Her voice is unmistakable: delicate, haunting with surprising strength, and filled with heartfelt emotion and subtle sweetness. Often compared to the vocal styles of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Margo Timmons of the Cowboy Junkies, Kirsten Williams pairs her rich sound with sophisticated, intimate lyrics -- in contemporary acoustic songs that evoke her Kentucky roots as well as the urban life she now enjoys on New York City’s vibrant Lower East Side. Spinning detailed, in-depth stories of love and loss, Williams’ poetic, true-to-life tales take listeners on a musical journey they won’t soon forget. Williams began her New York songwriting experience as part of the East Village Anti-Folk scene in the early aughts performing as a mainstay on the folk music scene for over ten years. Over this decade she shifted to a more traditional folk music path, spending five years as a core member of the Manhattan Songwriter Circle. Most recently she's been an active member of a women's songwriting music collective known simply as The Chicks.  Williams has long partnered with New York bassist Andrew Mattina on recordings and performances in clubs around the city and throughout New York’s metropolitan area. With five well-received albums under her belt, Williams has crafted a catalog of contemporary songs that have earned her a loyal following.