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Kirsten Williams: News

Spring Again - March 9, 2016

The seasons come and go and my two children have started to grow.  I've had a bit of a break in performing the past couple years but spring is around the corner once again and it feels like the time is right to play some music for some dear friends. I'm firming up the Where and When and will have those details soon.  The Who will be me with my longtime bassist Andy Mattina. Hoping some of you will join us in some music and song. 

Fall 2013 - September 15, 2013

Fall has crept in which means delicious NY State apples, city wide elections, Halloween costumes and we must not forget The NYC Marathon.

To benefit Fred's Team and the NYC Marathon, please join me and other talented NYC area singer/songwriters on

Sunday Sept 29th from 6-9 p.m. for an Evening of Song 

The $10 door charge will go to Fred's Team and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  

Also I must make note that the Ludlow Street location of The Living Room is slated to close down in October after 10 years on Ludlow street.  I have spent many hours both listening and performing in this storied spot. Rumors are they are scouting a new spot.  Only time and NYC bloggers will tell.  

As always, thanks for listening!


Spring 2013 - April 29, 2013

I'm so lucky to be part of a fabulous group of female singer/ songwriters who keep me motivated and involved in musical adventures.  In May I'm joining up with The Chicks in CT for a show at the Spaceland Ballroom.   Looking forward to it and to whatever comes next. 

Thanks for listening,


Summer 2012 - July 8, 2012

Here we are in the midst of summer 2012.  I feel like I'm off to the Olympics as I dive headlong into a show at City Winery in NYC following a very quiet 2011.  Quiet on the music front that is- less quiet in my apt with a baby teaching me to truly appreciate the importance of sleep. 

The show at City Winery celebrates the 40th anniversary of Joni Mitchell's album Blue.  I will be participating in the show along with a fabulous cast of NY area female singer/songwriters. 

On its heels, I will participating in another group show in Metuchen, NJ with a focus on Simon and Garfunkle's influence on the world of folk music. 

Both of those show have me feeling rejuvenated and I look forward to being out in the music world this summer.

As always, thanks for listening,


Summer 2010 - August 15, 2010

Hello friends and fans,

Where does the time go?  Where did the summer go?

Things have been fairly quiet on the performance front for me in recent months but I have had the chance to take a couple great songwriting workshops with the talented Ina May Wool.

Hoping to share some of these new songs with you soon and play some of your old favorites as well.

Working on booking a fall gig as we speak.   

Warm wishes on these last summer days and as always thanks for listening,


"Brand New Lease" - August 16, 2009

I was just notified of a Youtube posting of me singing a song from my new record at the Christopher Street Coffeehouse in early August. The beginning of the video is a little choppy but it evens out a few seconds in.

Here's the link to "Brand New Lease" if you'd like to give it a listen:
In other performance news:
My Louisville CD release has been booked for Oct and I hope to have a finalized date for my NY release very very soon.

Thanks for listening,

The New Record Is Finally Here!!! - July 11, 2009

I can hardly believe it myself because I've been this close for so long to finishing this album. But at long last, the new record is here. Currently, most of the discs are in boxes spread across the floor of my tiny East Village apt, but shortly the tunes will be up for sale on I-Tunes and the discs themselves will be available for purchase through CD-Baby.
News about my record release shows in NY and KY to come shortly.
Please check back soon for more details!
Thank you!

Winter Update - December 6, 2008

As 2008 is drawing to a close and I'm reflecting on all I'm thankful for, I want to say a heartfelt thanks to my listening audience for its continued support of this little pastime of my mine.

This has been a quiet year for me musically, with few performances and on-going delays with the release of my upcoming record.

But I'm very excited that I will soon be sharing the final product with all of you, and also performing some even newer songs at shows in 2009.

Keep warm this winter and as always, thanks for listening.


Summer News 2008 - June 28, 2008

Well, it's been a long time coming but my new album *Yesterday's Waves* is finally in mastering. At the rate things have been going (i.e. slowly), I really hope it will be out later this summer or early fall.
Andy and I are excited by how it has turned out and are looking forward to the release. The hope at this point is to have a release party with a full band behind us. But Andy and I will continue to perform our duo gigs as well as we promote the album.

Thanks to my fans for your patience with this project and, as always, thanks for listening.


2008 will be great! - February 1, 2008

I'm so glad to have my 2008 calendar in my hands these days. It's reassuring to see a new year, full of possibility, stretch out before me.
Currently, Andy and I have a few gigs scheduled in the coming months but we're also finalizing the cd project. I will be keeping you posted as to the realistic release date. It will still be a few more months of tweaking, but we're almost done.
Musician friend Martha Colby is joining Ross, Andy and I me tomorrow at Wombat Studios in Brooklyn to add her fabulous cello playing to a couple tracks. I can't wait to hear her tracks layered in amongst the work that's already there. This album has been a real collaborative effort and I can't wait to share it with you all.
Happy 2008!

'Tis the Season - November 26, 2007

The holidays are here and despite the sales around every corner, I've been heading to the studio rather than the mall to add some finishing touches to this new album I've been working on. Tomorrow I'll be recording an experiment with my friend and fellow musician, Kay Ashley, on tambourra. Not even sure if I spelled that correctly or not- that's how inexperienced I am with this Indian instrument. But I'm excited as it should be a fun time. If all goes well, the end result will be a new sound texture to the record.
I sure am thankful for all the talented, generous people I have in my life who keep me inspired and energized.
Happy Holidays,

Back on Track - October 5, 2007

So after a very busy summer, things are falling into place this autumn with actual progress being made on the record and a couple shows lined up.
See the calendar for show details.

Hope to see you soon,

The Album Hasn't Been Forgotten - August 22, 2007

What on earth happened to the summer and all the things I was going to accomplish?
Well, as autumn approaches, I'm revising my timeline and hope to make some final touches in the coming months on this little record I'm working on.
Thanks to my musical fans for having such patience.
I hope to be playing a little more frequently as well. I've got a show lined up for late Sept. and I'm really looking forward to it.
See you out and about.

The Album Continues.. - May 9, 2007

I can't believe it's spring time yet again in New York. Allergies abound so my vocal recordings are on hold but my album is still making headway as we layer in some additional instruments. All rough tracks have been laid down. I had really hoped this new record of mine would be out by now, but now I'm just aiming for sometime this summer.
I'll try to be better about posting updates more frequently.
Happy Spring,

22 Below - February 11, 2007

It's been absolutely freezing here in New York as I'm sure many folks are experiencing in other states as well. So it's given me an opportunity (if not forced me) to hole myself up indoors and finally make some headway on this much talked about upcoming record of mine.
It's true I've had some setbacks since my sessions in the fall (a ceiling cave in at the studio on Rivington, a guitarist/engineer in a bicycle accident, and then there's that pesky day job of mine that likes to, on occasion, eat into my personal time). But I'm pleased to say, a total of 10 rough tracks have now been recorded so far and the whole album is really starting to take shape.
I've also settled on the title "Yesterday's Waves" as a follow up of sorts to my last record "Flood the Sky."

I'm also excited to be doing a show with 4 gals from Maggie's Music Salon ( in early March at 22 Below. I'm hoping it will be well above that temperature outside by then though.
See you around,

Autumn in New York - October 17, 2006

It's autumn in New York and a beautiful time of year to enjoy the city, despite having to put up with sinus congestion and colds that creep in with any sudden change of season. And though, as much as I love playing the sight-seeing tourist, now that the days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler, I'm not opposed to holing myself up in a cozy Rivington Street studio to make some headway on my next record. This is, in fact, how I will be spending a good bit of my "free" time this fall.

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time on the Lower East Side with Andy, Michael and the whole music-making gang, and I will try to keep you posted on the progress. At this point, I'm aiming for an early 2007 release—but I can't make any promises just yet. I'll just have to see how things go.

As always, thanks for listening,

Summer 2006 - July 9, 2006

A lot of projects have begun this summer. I have started recording my next album and continue to work and rehearse with other musicians on songs still to be added to the record.
I've got a variety of shows lined up: performing in July in the round with other musicians from the Manhattan Songwriters Circle, performing in Aug. with bassist Andy Mattina, and performing in Sept. with three women from Maggie's Music Salon (female songwriter collective). See my calendar for more detail.
Hope everyone is having a great summer.

As always, thanks for listening,

New Website - May 20, 2006

Hello friends and music fans,
I have just begun rebuilding my webpage. Please bear with me as I slowly get this back up to speed.
As always, thanks for listening!

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